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The Fixer Series

An International drug cartel is poisoning the USA.

An underground organization seeks justice.

Only one man can make things right.


Michael Falau is a man of many talents.

Unfortunately his black ops skills along with horrific flashbacks from his past exclude him from society.


But when an old friend asks Falau to join him in a clandestine organization delivering justice, the tables are turned; and society welcomes him with open arms.


As an international drug runner delivers death along the east coast of the USA, Falau finds himself back in the firing line where his only chance of escape is to bring The Butcher down…alive.

The Fixer is the #1 Amazon Best Selling first book in The Falau Files series of action thrillers by author Mike Gomes. If you enjoy sharp dialogue, deep characters and non-stop edge of your seat action, then you’ll love Mike Gomes’ shocking quest for justice.

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