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August 2017

One of the Better authors working today on the indie market is Mark Dawson. This guy is a pioneer in the indie world developing characters and books that capture the imagination and are easy to read. His John Milton series is focused around an ex British secret service agent who is now on the run. His agency is not willing to let him walk away and he is not willing to work. Dawson has completed over ten books in the series and has two series spin offs. Check out th3 John Milton series for a fun read. Books are distributed wide on Amazon, Ibooks, Kobo , audio and translated for foreigner readers.

September 2017

Hello readers!  Well another month is on us and blogging seems to be fun so far. Last month i told you about Mark Dawson a name that is not a household one but is gaining popularity. This month i want to talk about Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series. in a word his writing is masterful. So say that i have a jealousy for the way he can craft his pros is an understatement. Child can take the simplest of things and find the small detail that we all know is there but never recognize it. That moment when your shoe shifts as you slip off a curb. We all know that feeling but it isn't something that is ever spoken about. A master of details and insightful thoughts on the human condition. If you haven't read a Lee Child book give one a chance. I am sure you will love it!

October 2017

October has arrived and here in the north east of the USA the days are growing shorter. Long nights and short days makes for a good system for writing...i can only watch so much TV. I do have some exciting news to share with you all. I have been asked to speak on the Mystery and Thrillers pod case on October 5th. This is a first for me and i am looking forward to it. The pod cast is focused more on readers than writers so they will do a lot of different things on there. I am a fan of the show myself. Dave who runs it will do reading of short stories from a verity of different authors and at other times he will do author interviews. If you get a chance go on to Itoons and give it a listen. 

November 2017

Good Day friends! We have now entered November the second to last month of the year. A time i traditionally look back and say "I should have got more done this year." then i make a mad dash in the last month to do as much as i can. this year i think i will resist this and be thankful for the things i did. It is easy to look at all that has not been accomplished and just gloss over the good things that have been done. So i hope you all join me in this endeavor of giving yourself a little pat on the back at the end of this year. Until next month be nice to yourself!

April 2018

It has been a busy few months for me. I have had three books come out from the new year and this month is a spin off series of the Falau Files. The series is called The System and takes the readers back to the start of the group that Falau works with. Everything started to move in 1966. The book was a lot of fun but coming up with a reason that some judges decided to start the group and then finding a crime so bad that it made them walk away from the law as they had always known it was hard. In the end a lot of people are enjoying the book. If you have any ideas for future books or characters shoot me an email. I love hearing the different ideas people have and love incorporating them into my stories. 


March 2019

5 (5).jpg

You're right! I know you're right! I have been lax in getting my blog posts almost a year late. I wish I could say it is all about new books but some of it is just forgetting. BUT!!!! There are lots of new books on the way. I plan on having 9 new full novels out this year including 4 Falau Files, 2 System Series and a new series that will have three books and takes place in the Falau world. On top of that there will be three box sets to help keep some of the prices in control for the people who like to read in bulk. This should be a fun year!!!!!

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